Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yesterday I ran a highly successful session at a major publishing organisation using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology as a basis for a Creative Thinking program. The participants included managers and team members from a range of different divisions including marketing, conferencing and editorial.
The day covered areas such as how to use imagination in different ways; how to involve a wide diversity of team members in generating ideas; how to work with the concept of 'flow'; how to create challenges through change; practical application of the 6 hats thinking concepts and action strategies for reviving and refreshing teams who are feeling 'flat'.
The outcomes from the day were some very useful designs for the way forward as well as some deep insights into how the team could function more effectively moving forward.
The participants are so keen to spread the word in the organisation that they want to start a legolution!
Comments from the day indicate just how much the participants benefited from the session:
"Everyone in this business should do this program!"
"I saw different ways of thinking and of imagining."
"I learnt about the various creative thinking techniques and how to improve my team's creative discussion"
"Loved every minute of it! A very warm and accepting environment to take risks and explore new ideas and ways of thinking."
"Helped me to understand methods for unlocking creative thought"
"Lots of fun. Very inspirational"
"Took me out of the doldrums in terms of leading my team through changes"
"The course covered a number of strategies that I can use on a regular basis with my team."

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