Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School Business Week

I was asked to mentor a group of school children in Year 10 who are participating in Business Week. The aim of the week is to encourage children to understand the world of business and they work through a business simulation activity.
I felt it really important to be there as there were no other female mentors participating - this sends the signal to girls that the world of business is only open to males.
The group was working on the launch of a hotel and had to fulfil various functions such as setting a budget, launching a marketing campaign and issuing shares.
One girl in the group was in tears as the 'CEO' of the team had spoken to her harshly. A fellow student came to console her and I listened in to the conversation. The fellow student spoke to the tearful student with such a high level of emotional intelligence and with a maturity beyond her years. She showed her how to use empathy and see things from someone else's perspective.
I was really impressed by the use of this skill and asked the girl who provided the counselling what her role was in this hotel launch.
I am the HR Manager she said! Well, of course she was...

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