Thursday, November 22, 2007


Yesterday I ran a highly successful session at a major publishing organisation using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology as a basis for a Creative Thinking program. The participants included managers and team members from a range of different divisions including marketing, conferencing and editorial.
The day covered areas such as how to use imagination in different ways; how to involve a wide diversity of team members in generating ideas; how to work with the concept of 'flow'; how to create challenges through change; practical application of the 6 hats thinking concepts and action strategies for reviving and refreshing teams who are feeling 'flat'.
The outcomes from the day were some very useful designs for the way forward as well as some deep insights into how the team could function more effectively moving forward.
The participants are so keen to spread the word in the organisation that they want to start a legolution!
Comments from the day indicate just how much the participants benefited from the session:
"Everyone in this business should do this program!"
"I saw different ways of thinking and of imagining."
"I learnt about the various creative thinking techniques and how to improve my team's creative discussion"
"Loved every minute of it! A very warm and accepting environment to take risks and explore new ideas and ways of thinking."
"Helped me to understand methods for unlocking creative thought"
"Lots of fun. Very inspirational"
"Took me out of the doldrums in terms of leading my team through changes"
"The course covered a number of strategies that I can use on a regular basis with my team."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

School Business Week

I was asked to mentor a group of school children in Year 10 who are participating in Business Week. The aim of the week is to encourage children to understand the world of business and they work through a business simulation activity.
I felt it really important to be there as there were no other female mentors participating - this sends the signal to girls that the world of business is only open to males.
The group was working on the launch of a hotel and had to fulfil various functions such as setting a budget, launching a marketing campaign and issuing shares.
One girl in the group was in tears as the 'CEO' of the team had spoken to her harshly. A fellow student came to console her and I listened in to the conversation. The fellow student spoke to the tearful student with such a high level of emotional intelligence and with a maturity beyond her years. She showed her how to use empathy and see things from someone else's perspective.
I was really impressed by the use of this skill and asked the girl who provided the counselling what her role was in this hotel launch.
I am the HR Manager she said! Well, of course she was...

Monday, November 12, 2007


View this video to get a sense of what is possible through a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session and imagine how you could use this methodology to suit the needs of your organisation.


The great thing about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is that is has so many adaptations to a range of different organisational situations. This is the first time that Australian businesses have use of this methodology through the official LEGO-r channels and what an opportunity it is!
We are currently using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in the following cases:
1. We are delivering training to an organisation that needs to become more innovative and generate a culture of innovation in all teams. We have designed a day that includes De Bono's 6 hats thinking as well as some of the key principles of the LEGO methodology - working with hand-mind connections; inclusivity of all those in a meeting; effective brainstorming that moves from the individual to the group; differentiating between the different types of imagination and how these could be used effectively and also setting guiding principles for the facilitation of future innovation meetings.
2. We are also working with teams who are in a range of functional areas and who don't always see each other. How do they feel connected to the business goals and how do they establish a network amongst themselves so that they feel supported and not isolated. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY's real time team strategy day fits perfectly with this purpose and ensures that there is no more 'Lonely Guy' syndrome. Everyone becomes part of the system and feels that they are an important player in maintaining the system.
3. We are designing sessions that relate to culture change. One of Australia's top businesses wants to improve the team members' attitudes towards customer service. At present customer service representatives don't see the importance to the business of a strong customer service ethic and don't know how serving a customer better could in fact give them a more perfect day at work. They are currently stressed and face a range of conflict situations with no skills to resolve them. LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is going to be integrated into changing the outlook of the team members and their coordinators through a range of activities. These include allowing the team members to have a basic understanding of the Johari window and how these perceptions of themselves and how others perceive them are integrated into their total personality. There are also activities designed to allow the team members to build their own versions of team strategy and to feel how incidents from the outside have an impact on this strategy - they have the opportunity to act out how they would react in these situations and set their own team wisdom should these events occur.