Monday, June 21, 2010

Training Trifecta!

Management Consultancy International wins training award trifecta - Media Release

For the third consecutive year, Management Consultancy International has won the top award in training. Announced yesterday by LEARN X Asia-Pacific, MCI won the Gold Award for best training provider, the Platinum Award for Best Frontline Management program and Gold for Best training team.

Acknowledged as a hotly contested award process, what makes this award even more impressive is that it was won during one of most difficult and challenging economic eras in memory when organisations around the country were cutting back on training and development and only those who offered an outstanding program were able to successfully navigate the financial crisis.

“To be called best training provider and team is quite an accolade,” said MCI’s Managing Director Denise Meyerson. “And when you consider that we are a relatively new provider, we find this award a great compliment and an acknowledgement of the work we do with our clients” she added.

“Our commitment to help organisations prove the return on their investment has been rewarded. We were able to demonstrate how by doing this program one of our client’s Royal Wolf Trading Australia PTY LTD had saved almost $70,000 in recruitment costs during a 12 month period. The significant factor in this reduction was the introduction of the Leadership Development Program - designed and tailored specifically for our clients needs - as it increased their staff retention. The additional benefit is that four people have since been promoted, further demonstrating the positive and lasting impact and value of our innovative program,” Meyerson added.

“The LearnX Asia Pacific Awards are regarded as the most prestigious recognition that an individual, team or organisation from the corporate and public service sectors in e-learning and training can achieve. The winning solutions and the talent behind the many projects stand out for implementing innovative based e-learning and training in their organisations.” said LearnX founder Rob Clarke.

New office!

Our new offices are nearly ready and we have moved in to the most modern and exciting space. All welcome to come and visit - Level 4, 23 Hunter St, Sydney.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dr Jane Bozarth

I attended an excellent presentation at the Sydney LEARNX conference last week. Keynote speaker was Dr Jane Bozarth and she had some great insights into the direction that learning is taking:
1. She asked if we all know who Ivy Bean is. She is the oldest known person who is on twitter and she tweets about the goings-on in her aged care facility. She has 45000 followers reading about what she eats and does all day. Lesson - a lot has changed in terms of how we communicate and this has a flow-on effect into the way in which we learn.
2. Farmville, a game I do not play on facebook, has 3 times more players than people than live in Australia. Lesson - we can deliver whole training programs now via facebook. We can tweet the pre-work and we can follow-up in facebook groups. In this way we don't have to pull participants so hard because some learners are already using these social media mechanisms already.
3. What are the types of activities that you are using in your current learning that you can replicate in some way for on-line training? You can for example use discussion boards. You can set questions that stimulate discussion and place them on discussion boards to get people talking. Traditional elearning has not yet captured these tools.
4. We really need to re-imagine our roles as trainers. People are learning all the time without us even being there! The traditional boundaries are starting to fade and we are no longer in the classroom or training room business. We are in the learning business.
5. Companies who do not allow teams to access sites such as Youtube and so on need to consider this - trust is cheaper than control.