Thursday, October 11, 2007


I spent the most incredible week in the USA with an amazing group of participants learning how to facilitate a range of sessions using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.
Watch out Australia as Management Consultancy International incorporates this powerful tool into a range of applications for business. We will soon be updating our website to include more information and demonstrate the strong impact that LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has on team development and strategic thinking. Management Consultancy International has acquired the licence to use the process in Australia and we will soon bombard you with lots more detail.

The process incorporates story-telling and is inclusive of all participants. No more meetings where few contribute and no overall buy-in achieved. Using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY ensures full participation and the possibility of accomplishing more in 1 day than is otherwise possible. There are many other advantages as well as so many different ways of applying the methodology as required by teams and the outcomes they are seeking to achieve. It is a great tool for team building as well as development of

There were participants on the training program from just about every continent and as the group grappled with the process, firm bonds formed - yet more proof of the effectiveness of the tool in so many settings.
It was interesting being a participant instead of a facilitator and certainly the same old principles of learning apply - you get out as much out of the training as you put in and you learn so much from your fellow participants.

To give you a preview of what we learnt, have a look at some of the photos of the group in action: