Monday, May 11, 2009

Free Business Sales Video on POWER PROSPECTING?! I'm Excited!

What a busy period it has been for us at Management Consultancy International!

We've been recognised with four national awards in the last month including the covetted Australian Learning Innovation Award for 2009 from the Australian Institute of Training Developers for programs we run using LEGO Serious Play.

We've also had a such great response to the launch of our new Business Sales courses that we're celebrating by releasing a free Business Sales training video on POWER PROSPECTING.

Check it out here:

We all know that prospecting is a function upon which sales teams rely for their 'bread and butter' leads, however our experience and research working with organisations domestically and internationally has shown us that sometimes the basics can be missed.

In this video we're focussing on the most important Power Prospecting methods:
  • Warm Calling
  • Referral Sales
  • Executive Networking
Visit our YouTube Channel to check out our other Management videos:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Managing in tough times

I was at a great lunch last week and listened to Terry Davis, CEO of Coca Cola, talk about his organisation's approach to managing through tough economic times.
Terry maintains that we are nowhere near the bottom of the crisis and at the moment it is still a "rich man's recession". His organisation however is looking at different ways of retaining staff. The cost of retrenching and then re-training is way too high, he says. Often companies retrench first and think later. He prefers to do a full employment review and to rely instead on making structural adjustments and encourage leave to be taken where possible.

Another speaker at the lunch, Joe Hockey, said that the recession is encouraging us to become a more compassionate society. We now need to reach out to others who have been disadvantaged and give them the message of hope that we will all get through this and become a better society.