Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lego Serious Play

What a remarkable response to the introduction of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology into Australia!
We held our first breakfast session where we did a demo of the process to a group of 20 participants who were actively participating. All responded in a positive way and many comments included:
"This could be really useful for my organisation when a new project team gets together"
"I would look to use this to offer a different way of ensuring that people listen to OHS messages."
One of the activities of the day included a surprise instruction that involved change. The reaction from some of the participants was really interesting as they grappled with including the changes into their models. The looks on their faces were in some cases anxious to say the least and one participant commented angrily: "Why couldn't she have said something a lot sooner!"
This highlighted to the group just how tough it can be to introduce even the smallest changes that unsettle the team and create a range of responses - not all of them positive!
The use of the bricks in telling the stories of what is currently going on in organisations was also so interesting - one participant used the red transparent bricks to show the "blood that is flowing in his organisation". The bricks become a powerful metaphor that is readily shared and understood - we sure felt his pain!
Have a look at some of the amazing models that were built during the session which reflect challenges that participants are facing at work.

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