Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Wow - how is this for some amazing feedback on our powerful LEGO Serious Play process and how it has the ability to transform and really switch on the hands-on, minds-on process.

"I was so excited I was about the LEGO process – it just changed how I saw things & enabled some complex thoughts to be clarified into a graphic but emotional charged solution with precision.....I cannot express just how much I appreciated your session – hope to see you teaching it at Harvard in the future....

.....anyway.....went home and at dinner that night we sat around the dining table, between dinner and desert........ with my husband & our two girls we did two things – had to build what we felt like and how we fitted into the family – kind of a who are you – remarkable what was built – and then how we all reacted and understood each other juts a touch more and with two teenage girls I know for my husband its sometimes a mystery

......then we had to build something that was worrying us and explain it. I was so close to tears (again) to see the power of what was expressed in the bricks that was so difficult to say – just thrilling- so thank you so much."

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