Thursday, April 7, 2011

Supercorp Bulldogs

I am not a huge footie fan but was keen to listen to CEO Todd Greenberg from the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs - after listening to him speak I am a converted fan!
You might remember that some time ago, I wrote a blog on the workshop we attended with brilliant Harvard professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter. If you would like to refresh on what she said, have a look at this blog from 2009:

While I was listening to Todd speak, all I could think about was that the way in which he has turned around the culture at the Bulldogs, is truly an example of how one builds a Supercorp. He realised when he came in to the role that major changes needed to take place on many fronts. There was low morale and there was a low perception of the brand.
Todd needed to build an organisation that everyone could be proud of and have what Kanter calls PVP's in place - your PVP is like your guiding system and comprises your vision, values and purpose.
Well, to achieve this, Todd really adopted the characteristics of what Kanter calls, Supercorps. These are organisations that are able to align what they do on the business front with their achievements in the area of social responsibility. They are able to do things for the greater good which at the same time elevate them as an organisation. So, not charity for the sake of charity, but as part of the creation of progressive organisations that are also part of the human community.
Through the Bulldogs' association with Camp Quality and their promotion of this wonderful cause, they have ensured that they have raised substantial funds and awareness of this charity and also at the same time lifted the culture of the club to new heights. The association with Camp Quality is not just a 'build-on' activity - it is now what the Bulldogs stand for!
Go the Bulldogs!! Your newest fan wishes you well for the season and may you continue to grow as a Supercorp!!
Thanks to the Moir Group for hosting a great lunch event.

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