Thursday, October 7, 2010

Advanced Diploma of Management

Some incredible presentations from a group of managers who were trained in a major retailer on the Advanced Diploma of Management.
These are some of the comments that the group made during the presentations in response to the question - how did the program benefit you in your work environment and what did you change and implement as a result of having attended the program:
1. Changes were made to the way in which the team motivation takes place.
2. The risk templates are being used more frequently even on smaller projects.
3. Risk management is taken far more seriously as it is far-reaching and gives the business a competitive advantage.
4. There is far more communication happening and when work is delegated to team members, the RAA principle is followed of resources, accountability and authority.
5. There is much higher level of proactivity and networking is occurring more intensively in an effort to break down silos in the business.
6. There have been changes made to the way in which performance reviews take place and feedback from team members has been very positive who have gotten more out of the process than previously.
7. Goals have been more clearly defined for team members and are now readily measured.
8. Relationships between team members are now much stronger and more emphasis is placed on the importance of this happening.
9. The team values are seen as vitally important to the team success.
10. There is more encouragement to think out of the square and to use different processes such as 6 hats thinking to find better solutions to challenges.
11. Managers commented on how they are now more financially aware of the bigger picture.
12. There were comments about the ability to manage change more effectively and to ensure that weekly meetings are used for team members to set their own goals. This creates a more consultative environment.
13. Managers also mentioned that they are beginning to think more systemically and not only systematically.
14. They are also using the skill of story-telling to a greater extent in painting a picture for the team and encouraging them to come on board.
15. They are driving their team to become more of a learning type organisation so that there is not a culture of blame.
16. They are looking for ways to highlight short-term wins particularly in the longer term projects.
17. The section on strategy really worked well for the group who in some cases had their contribution to the organisation's strategy accepted in to the final version.
18. Budgeting was also an important skill that will assist some of the team in establishing targets.
I find it so encouraging that this group has applied their skills into their work situation and really made a huge difference to the business and to their leadership abilities.
Well done to the class of 2010!!

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