Friday, October 15, 2010

23 Things for educators and trainers

Some key learnings from a fabulous course that I am attending on using elearning to its full extent.
1. There is an 'avalanche' of information available on elearning and so many tools that are out there - instead of a 'fall-asleep' session for people learning via distance learning.
2. We are finding clients are driving us to work in different ways to enable rural and busy staff to still have access to learning. MCI is taking the step of moving forward with elearning and webinar options for our clients and we are entering this very exciting space!
3. Even if people are not seen via video camera, they still need to 'meet' each other in the virtual training room. Ask questions so that the group gets to know each other and they can chat.
Will keep you posted on all new learnings!

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