Thursday, April 10, 2008

Transport LEADERSHIP Program Gains Momentum!

One of the most exciting things about being a training facilitator is seeing delegates grow professionally from their learning experience. This is particularly obvious in the delegates of the first Transport Leadership Program, an extension of the Transport Supervisor Program which MCI first ran in 2007.

Candidates from around Australia who completed the 2007 program are upgrading their skills and bolstering their leadership abilities as well as gaining a Diploma in Business (Frontline Management). The program focuses on values-leadership, influencing-skills as well as communication skills.

Our facilitation team at MCI looks forward to reading comments on the program from participants on this blog.

So to kick discussion off, I'd like to pose the open question of what the differences are (if any) between MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP?

I looking forward to reading responses from our Transport Leadership delegates!


Michelle Parkes said...

I believe you need both management and leadership skills to be an effective Manager. "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right thing" Peter Drucker. If we can not demonstrate how we should behave then how can we expect behaviour of any reasonable standard?

Davin said...

The course was excellent and would recommend to anyone supervisor or manager.

Davin said...

The course was excellent and would recommend to anyone supervisor or manager.

Lynsey said...

One point that I have read, that will help me to distinguish between the two is: "Managers have subordinates; Leaders have followers."

Straker, D. (2006). Leadership vs. Management. Available from

Gavin Wedell >> Brand Strategist said...

Mmm interesting point Michelle!

Here's a question:
Whats a sure-fire way to NEVER lose an argument with a team member?

Peter M said...

I found this course to be informative and it has given me more indepth knowledge on how to be a better manager. It has also enabled me to communicate to my team alot better.
"What is measured is managed"

Angelo said...

a good manager will do things that a right for the company and a good leader will do things that are right for staff but a great manager will be able to do both on equal terms and not favour one type of skill.

Anonymous said...

An excellent course for supervisors, who want to broaden their skills and progress within their business. Insightful and well presented I found this course to be easy to understand and focused on the day to day requirements and situations that managers face.

pjb said...

This course has taught me to be a
more effective & efficent Manager
Highly recommended.

rayw said...


Chris said...

My response to the question of a difference between leadership and management is that they go hand in hand but.
A leader will provide direction and motivation to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.
A manager will provide the correct enviroment, equipment and people to carry out tasks in the workplace
A good manager will utilise both leadership and management skills through constant self reassesment, training, and workplace feedback.
He will make changes to all of the above, which a leader may not, to ensure a positive workplace and commercial outcome for its company, customers and people.

Chris said...

In response to the question posed, i believe there is a difference between leadership and management.
Just being a leader will not necessarily promote good management, Also a manager without leadership is like trying to swim upstream. you can get the job done but it will be hard getting there.
A manager with good leadership will be able to perform to his/her best and promote a good enviroment in the workplace.

pjb said...

great course l learnt how to be a
more effective & efficient manager

AB said...

excellent course recommend to all

AB said...

excellent course recommend to all

Nathan B said...

I believe Michelle has said it all!! I agree as I do not like "CONFLICT"!!
Te course has been extremely beneficial for my development as a supervisor/manager and I will take a great deal of the knowledge with me on my quest for success as a manager.