Friday, March 7, 2008


The power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is incredible! It still astounds me how the use of 3D models combined with story-telling can transform a session from something mundane into an opportunity to explore and capture new ideas.
We have had such break-throughs in recent sessions that I have felt invigorated as a trainer and had the sense that yes - training can work and be an effective tool for change.
We ran a team-building session for a group where there is a division between 2 parts of the business. Groups were building walls and barriers and showing their models as silos.
The one part of the business has animosity towards the other part and did not have many people attend the session - they bailed out at the last moment with excuses.
One staff member from this section was brave enough to come.
He listened intently to what others were telling about their models and slowly his body language started to change - he removed his hooded jacket and sat forward more readily.
When it came to landscaping the common view of the team, he slowly starting talking more.
And then when it came to connecting himself into the landscaped model, he grabbed his model of himself and placed it slap bang in the middle of the whole landscape and said:
"I realise that I have to make more of an effort to connect with everyone if this is going to work."
Unbelievably big of him and what a huge step in the right direction.
Can you imagine if we could achieve this with all the groups we facilitate?
In another session, we had someone placing the green curly flag on the floor of her model - she said that this reflected the status quo of the business which is full of noxious weeds....
The language and the use of metaphor is so strong and she immediately had everyone's attention.

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nick said...

Did the cert 4 and diploma 07-08
Enjoyed it because it made me think again.Some thing I needed to get back.lLiked the lego,freddos and daft punk aswell