Friday, September 14, 2007

HR Week 2007

I ran a session at the NSW AHRI week on talent retention strategies in call centres.
Callan McDonnell from Suncorp shared the stage to share a case study of what Suncorp had done to improve retention in their high volume areas.
We described the initial situation to the group of attendees and asked them to suggest ideas of what they would have done to work towards a higher retention level.
Here is a sampling of some of their suggestions:
  • Introduce a rewards and incentive process toboost levels of morale
  • Re-frame job titles to give a greater sense of meaning to the role and also to demonstrate that their positions are appreciated
  • Introduce clear progression pathways
  • Set a development program
  • Introduce a rotation system if possible
  • If possible, personalise the desks and introduce a well-being program
  • Set clearer expectations of what the job is about and build the employment brand
  • Conduct a culture survey of staff to determine what staff expectations are
  • Look at a more structured management system that understands competencies requirements and routes for advancement
  • Create more opportunities for fun at work
  • Streamline recruitment processes to also allow for flexibility
  • Introduce a mentoring program for team leaders
  • During the recruitment interview show both the positive and negative aspects of the job
  • Introduce assessment centres to look at applicability of person to the role

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