Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bruce Copley

What an uplifting and energising session that we had yesterday with Bruce Copley. The passion for learning that he generates is totally inspiring and if we could all take such a passionate approach to all our learning interventions, the impact would be immense.
Some of Bruce's thoughts:
  • Sometimes it is worth taking things that are old and re-birthing them. Not every learning intervention needs to be revolutionary
  • Learning always involves change - we need a heightened awareness of things around us and we can't be on auto-pilot
  • We have choices in life that lead us to either walk or fly. We all reach the same destination but is there a better way of getting there. Trainers can be 'edutainers' who guide learners who take their own responsibility for learning
  • Incorporate stories into training - it adds lightness to what we do. Work is an intense form of being and we need to include some lightness
  • Not everything needs to be rehearsed before an intervention takes place. Have the trust in the process and understand that you can't always control the outcome. The only thing that you do have control over is the amount of passion that you bring to the process
  • Ask learners what they want to get out of the session and have a deep respect for their intent - learn to listen deeply
  • All the questions will be answers and all the answers will be questions
  • Keep asking participants what do they want and why do they want it - reach at the true intention and the real objective of the session
  • Create a sense of wonder during the day - something is waiting for the learner at the end that is good and positive
  • Integrate games - life is a game in itself, life is a play
  • Keep asking the question of yourself - where to from here? What else will this session give rise to?
  • Know the difference between the map and the territory. The map provides the way, the systems and the models and the territory provides us with the knowing. Territory and the map equates to wisdom
  • There is a difference between teaching, facilitating and animating - animating is the highest form of being together
  • If someone takes 1 thing from a session and integrates it into their life and then shows it to someone else the cycle is complete. You become a catalyst for change in someone else
  • We are all connected to the larger system and what we do has an impact on other parts of the system.
For a demonstration of the 'toothpaste' exercise have a look soon on our mci website:

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