Friday, July 6, 2007

Management and Leadership

We have been conducting the Toll Supervisory program and some interesting insights have come to mind that could be applied in other organisations who are implementing the Frontline Management program:
1. We ensured that there were guest speakers from within the business who came along to share their experiences and their 'war stories'. This has allowed the participants to meet members of the senior management team who they would not usually encounter and also to feel more engaged with the business.
2. Where speakers were not available, they have been filmed and shown to other centres who have then discussed some of the suggestions and ideas.
3. Sessions have been video'ed to allow participants who are away to keep up with the program and to ensure that there is continuity. These DVD's are available to all participants as well if they would like to revise any aspect of the program and it would reinforce some of what was learnt.
4. As we had run focus groups prior to the commencement of the training, the case studies and scenarios have hit directly at the types of situations that the supervisors confront. This has ensured that the skills needed to deal effectively with the issues are being practised in the training room.

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