Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lunch with Optus CEO

WOW, Wow and wow again. Paul O'Sullivan, CEO of Optus, simply personifies everything we teach about leadership at Management Consultancy International.
In a luncheon talk yesterday where he shared the platform with John Bell, Artistic Director of Bell Shakespeare Company, he spoke about what his business goals and strategies are. "We create competition and choice" and in order to do this he places his people and customer service as key drivers. "It's all about the little bit of care that you take that makes all the difference to the customer experience".
In fact the business is moving to the new campus in North Ryde and the design of the building is to allow for collaboration between teams to come up with better ways of serving the customer.
Paul says that one of the reasons that Optus is involved in the sponsorship of the Bell Shakespeare company is that it is part of their strategy to attract top talent into the business. An organisation that is doing good things is more likely to attract the brightest and best who are looking to work in an innovative environment. The sponsorship also allows internal staff to become involved and participate in exciting ventures such as designing podcasts on Shakespeare.
When asked how Optus continues to be innovative, Paul responded by saying that no organisation should become complacent. Every challenge needs to be looked at in a new light and challenges are welcomed as these serve to unlock potential.

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