Monday, June 11, 2007

Meeting the rich and famous

A bigger twit would be hard to find...
I was fortunate enough to interview Paul Little, the CEO of Toll as part of the start-up of the supervisory program. Paul endorsed the program and welcomed delegates to the training.
He is one of the most highly respected and influential business leaders in Australia and commands an enormous amount of awe from friend and foe. He has been involved in over 20 take-overs and has a tremendous vision and strategy for Toll for the future.
EXCEPT that- nothing recorded!! I held the small video camera really steadily as I was trained to do BUT nothing came out...what an head hangs in shame...
There is no next time and our one opportunity in a lifetime cannot be repeated.
1. Have Plan B - when it is such a vital time, have 2 cameras in place
2. Delegate - send someone in with the right skill set

Meeting 2
At a lunch for Wayne Swan, I met Phil Burgess, Number 2 to Sol at Telstra. What a superb man - very eloquent and intelligent. He has recently made a very generous donation to the Jewsih Museum in Melbourne of an artifact received from his Aunt and he wanted the Australian immigrant community to have this.

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