Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bruce Copley

We are so fortunate to have Bruce Copley conduct a learning session at Management Consultancy International on 31 July this year.
Bruce is my guru and has influenced the way in which we design and deliver learning to the 100's of students who come through our doors. I have known Bruce for over 15 years and still remember what I learnt with him all that time ago...
His ideas are simple and effective and make all the difference to ensuring that changes in behaviour genuinely take place. What he says makes sense in terms of incorporating holistic techniques into sessions and creating ice-breaker after ice-breaker to ensure that we don't just teach things but that our students learn.
Whoever gets to use Bruce's techniques quickly turns into a designer with fresh thinking and the ability to design programs that are different - and memorable.
if we ask most learners what they remember of a program 3 months post-training, they run for their course material and try to quickly thumb through the pages. The way in which Bruce guides designers is to ensure lasting impressions and messages that endure with the students.
I would encourage all designers and learning and development professionals to take this opportunity to refresh their thinking and as Bruce puts it:


The modern world is inundated with information, facts, figures and data. This KNOWLEDGE SUNAMI engulfs every aspect of our lives and we are literally and figuratively swamped with an endless array of books, magazines, films, videos, courses, conferences, lectures and workshops. In this dazzling smorgasbord every input we may chose to have, has the potential to become a BUILDING BLOCK OR BRICK in our “house of knowledge”. While these “ bricks” constitute important “parts “ of this house, there is something even more important without which, this house even if it happens to be a mansion will never be strong, firm , integrated or whole. This vitally important component is the CEMENT.
This internationally acclaimed learningshop is firmly anchored in timeless and universal holistic principles and practices and is widely acknowledged as the “ missing link " in education, training and managing. It does not simply offer more bricks but focus rather on the sorely needed CEMENT that holds, bonds, balances and integrates both individual and collective living, learning and loving on this planet.


Anyone who has been to school, college or university or who has attended lectures, seminars and workshops knows from personal experience that very little of what we are told, taught, study or write can be recalled after just a few days. Since we are unable to apply what we have forgotten, the learning efficiency of conventional PowerPoint presentations, lectures, workshops and seminars rarely exceeds a dismal 10% to extend their skills levels.

For more information, see the website and don't miss out on this opportunity.

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