Monday, September 16, 2013

3 reasons why on-line learning DOES work!

I was a panelist at the recent LEARNX conference in Sydney and there was certainly a large amount of scepticism in the room about on-line learning - and how the self-paced learning model can in fact result in sustainable changes in behaviour.

I have seen first-had that on-line learning, at the right time and in the right place, can in fact lead to improvements in  performance!  At the very least, there is as much chance of improvement as there is with face to face training delivery.

1. We are becoming so much more accustomed to the concept of self-service

Who last went in to a bank to complete a transaction?  Who last saw an insurance broker?  The shift in the way in which business transactions take place have also had a ripple effect in the on-line learning world.  We want our learning in short bite size chunks and we want to access it from our computers, laptops and mobile phones wherever it is more convenient.
Transferring over to on-line learning is no longer attached to the major drama that used to accompany it years ago.  It is in fact what is expected by learners!

2. The trends in the uptake of on-line learning are on the increase.  Major organisations that used to have firewall issues are building their learning LMS outside of the firewall and are providing options for participants including:

  • Engaging and interactive forums for conversations to promote the social side of learning and to make the process more inclusive
  • Interactive exercises and gamification  to involve and engage participants
  • A whole range of different ways of learning to appeal to different learning styles such as resource libraries for the theorists and the ability to print out workbooks and job aids for the tactile learners. 
3.  There is a far stronger body of knowledge around instructional design for on-line learning development.  We have more choice with regard to authoring tools and there are more and more examples of excellence around as well as many more case studies that highlight successful roll-outs.

We have so many better, cheaper, faster ways of implementing the learning and for conducting on-going follow-ups to embed the major outcomes. 
Did I mention "better bang for buck"?  
Did I also mention, more reach to many more participants?

AND - Performance management becomes part of how the whole elearning set-up is created and so training and performance are no longer separated. 

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