Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Log on to Learn in 2013!

I am stunned that this semester alone, there are over 6.7 million students in the USA alone who are undertaking some form of University study - ALL ON-LINE!
On-line learning is becoming such an integral part of the mix when it comes to learning and developing new skills - we consider it almost a norm compared to where we were even a couple of years ago.
The Universities are slowly moving in to the market with their MOOC's -
Massive Open Online Courses.
This is a new approach to distance learning aimed at large-scale participation and open access via the web. The keyword here is open. These courses form part of a large program and are offered openly to everyone who is keen to extend their knowledge and learn new skills.
And so, why not introduce this formula for vocational training so that participants all over Australia are able to learn and extend their body of knowledge - at no charge!
We are not Australia's most innovative training company for no reason - so, we are going to give this a go. 

Please join our experiment and give us feedback.

We have selected a range of qualification programs that we deliver via virtual learning:  a combination of live webinar and ecampus attendance.
Participants will be able to complete the first unit of each of these programs at no charge and with no obligation to continue.  They will gain the skills, knowledge, input and information that they need to improve in their job roles.
Should they decide that they do in fact want more and want to gain a full qualification, this is when they will pay the enrolment fees. 
I firmly believe that learning opens so many doors of opportunity for those who are determined to move up in their careers or who want to upskill to higher levels.  The old adage that 'no one can take your education away from you' now has an opportunity to be put in to practice - and it is available to anyone who seeks self-improvement, additional tools and strategies and more information to perform at higher levels.

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