Thursday, September 22, 2011

Behind the scenes this week at MCI

We are excited to share with our clients some of what goes on here behind the scenes as we work to create positive and exciting experiences for our participants.
Today - 22 September - Jovi from our admin team and Natasha the account manager have been preparing to launch a distance learning program for one of our top clients and we have been packing and preparing their bags. In the bags are their notes, their headphones, letters of welcome and introduction to the program - and a sign that they will use when they are in their webinar sessions so that others do not interrupt them!
This program is a Diploma in Management program and is going to be conducted via webinar as well as through our e-campus. What an amazing journey for our participants who are going to be learning right at their desks and yet still part of the group.
At the same time in our offices, there is also a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment training program taking place with some incredibly positive trainers who are learning from Electra and hoping to complete their WORKVILLE portfolios as soon as possible.
WORKVILLE is the MCI evidence portfolio for the program and assists participants to collate their evidence according to a story of a trainer who works in an organisation and has several roles to complete.

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