Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Olivia Newton John

Guest Blogger - Jenna Meyerson

Natasha and I were privileged to listen to the inspirational Olivia Newton-John – singer, actress, breast cancer survivor, philanthropist and business woman. She is definitely an outstanding example to others and here are a few interesting stories and key messages she shared with us.

When discussing her battle with cancer she said that she needed to make the conscious decision that she will be okay – there was no other way of getting through than to make sure she knew she will be fine! You have to believe in yourself in everything that you do.

The audience erupted as she cheered herself for being 19 years free of cancer. She did caution both women and men to trust their instincts when you know that your body isn’t 100%. She had a negative mammogram and biopsy and only when she pushed the doctor to perform a more complex, surgical biopsy did they discover cancer.

Natarsha Belling, the MC of the event, asked Olivia if surviving cancer has made her a better person. Her response was a simple no. You don’t become a better person from surviving; it is what you do with your life after that – in her case it was the “Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre.”

Her most important message for the day was that we need a positive state of mind in everything that we do! Your mindset is so important. Don’t have any regrets; look at them as ‘life lessons’ or else they will drag you down. Learn from it, grow and continue. You cannot afford to stop.

On a lighter note, she was honoured that Will and Kate had a dance floor rendition of “You’re The One That I Want” but she wishes she got invited – don’t we all.

For more information about the Cancer and Wellness centre please visit

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