Friday, November 26, 2010

HR Success and Dave Ulrich

What an amazing evening to acknowledge HR success! And Management Consultancy International was there to share in the success.

AHRI is the premier human resources institute of Australia and last night was the event that celebrated all the incredible interventions, events and processes that top companies have put in place.

We were nominated in the category of HR Leadership in a Small Business and we were immensely proud to be recognized for the initiatives we have taken that made all the difference to the way in which we do business.

We were recognized for the innovative way in which we created a diverse workplace and at the same time acted in a socially responsible way. Our nomination for the award acknowledged the very different way in which we conducted recruitment and how we used a very different way of ensuring that our work environment became more diverse in its make-up.

A surprise factor at the AHRI awards - we are siting calmly and listening to the award winners being called on to the stage and next thing who walks on to the stage, none other than HR guru Dave Ulrich! And the next thing he begins to share some great insights with us!

He spoke about his simple vision for the future of HR. He says that it revolves around three simple questions - Why are we here? What do we do? How do we do it?

The answers to these questions revolve around the acronym VOLTAGE.

The V is for value.

The value that we create in a company is defined more by the receiver than the giver. In HR it is not about what we do. It is about the amount of value that we create. We need to work from the outside in. It is all about the value that we bring to the lives of the people who work in the organisation.

The O is for outcomes. We should be called the field of talent. Individual talent does not create the success of the team. If you look at the Oscars, only 15 percent of movies that win best picture of the year also have best actor awards as well. HR's job is therefore to define the capabilities needed to get the organization to be the best and to ensure that these capabilities are demonstrated. HR needs to worry less about structure and focus instead on capability.

The L is for leadership. Build a leadership brand that is filled with emotion and passion.

T is for talent. How do we create the right environment where people give their hearts and soul.

A is for align. We align our HR work with our customers. We need to question whether we are aligned with our community and with our investors.

G is for govern. Yes, we do follow compliance and governance but how do we take all this knowledge and ensure that there is productivity in the organization.

E is for expertise. We are investing in the next generation. Manage all the opposites. Manage the balance of the pendulum. Ensure that you leave things better than you found them.

Create value through VOLTAGE and in this way you will get all the elephants to dance. Ensure that all people are cared for personally and managed professionally.

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