Thursday, September 16, 2010

The master of motivation - Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins, the king of motivation, deserves every cent he earns - and he sure earns a lot of cents! He ran his session for 4 and a half hours without taking a break and had an energy level going in the 7000 participant audience as though they were at a rock concert or sports event. He just knows how to package it all together and how to send out some key messages.
This is some of what he had to say:
He says that we should start off by taking a good hard look at ourselves. We must see things as they are. Not worse or better than they are.
We need to learn how to anticipate. We cannot remain in reactive mode as this is disempowering. We cannot look to make excuses or to blame others and we also have to accept that we cannot change the past. We can't blame lack of money, lack of resources, or lack of time.
It is our mindset that holds the key to success.
We also need a vision for ourselves. If we don't have a roadmap we live passively.
Our physiology dictates our psychology. When Anthony was coaching Agassi he asked him to watch a video of how differently he walked on to the court when he won games as compared with when he lost games. There was a huge difference in his whole way of walking and his body language.
Decide what you need to focus on. Focus on what is in your sphere of control.
Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Go against the law of familiarity.
Life does not just show up. Control the way in which you make decisions. Only make decisions when you are in 'the state'. Be totally conscious and aware of your state - are you feeling mentally alert and positive when you make these decisions? Where is your level of energy? Learn how to maximise your energy. Think about how you walk and how you move. Think of the way in which you breathe and of the way in which you use your face and your voice. Emotion is created through motion. You need to be in a peak state and not a weak state.
Only then can you give of your best and move to the next level.
Train yourself to say 'YES'. Keep practising this skill.
The key to happiness is ensuring that the blueprint that you have for yourself does in fact match your key expectations. Having the right blueprint will ensure that you remain in control and you take away the feelings of helplessness and despair. Don't be frozen in time with an out of date blueprint.
Think of Apple where the blueprint changed and where computer sales are now only 14% of the total business. Things can be re-wired.
Don't focus on what you don't want. Where focus goes, energy flows. Don't look at yourself and say I want to lose 30 kilos. Say instead, I want to be strong and walk past a mirror and be proud of myself.
The secret to living is giving and when we think we have done enough, we need to do more!!
Go Tony Robbins....

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