Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make full use of Linked In

I attended a fascinating session this morning with a top expert in the field of social media and he gave us some great tips on how to make the most use of Linked In.
Raz Chorev made us very aware of some interesting data about Linked In to convince us that keeping your profile up to date is worthwhile for personal branding, marketing and networking. After all, the ability to know and to work your network is a key leadership capability - as my dear guru Prof Rosabeth Kanter often tells us.
Linked In has 65 million members worldwide and is regarded as the largest professional network. This is the place where top executives show their profiles and average income of members is $110K per annum.
So how do you take advantage of the network?
1. Raz recommends that you have a look at Reid Hoffman's profile on Linked in and follow his formula. Reid is one of the founders of Linked in.
2. He says that you need to display your CV including your work experience and your education. Include career highlights and areas of specialisation.
3. Make sure that your profile is public and give this to clients and suppliers on your business card. Invite them to connect with you to grow your network.
4. Ask people you have worked with to endorse you so that you build credibility.
5. For people in marketing, Linked In is a mini-CRM system. Use it to send in-mails to people you would like to meet or ask for introductions from people who know other people.
6. Establish a group around a key topic of interest. This helps you to connect and interact with those who are as passionate as you are about a topic.
7. Use Tripit so that others in the network can see where you are traveling to and perhaps create an off-line meeting with you.
8. Suggestion is to keep facebook and Linkedin separate - facebook is more social and Linked-In is business oriented.

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