Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Downturn Won't Last but Smart Companies Will!

In mid December we worked with the Canadian LEGO Serious Play partner to develop and implement LEGO® Serious Play™ workshops for Qantas in Sydney. Qantas is presently on a mission to improve their customer service in order to become the best airline in the world. What Qantas understands is that adopting a quality service-centered organizational culture is one of the smartest ways for an organization to improve their R.O.I. By using LEGO Serious Play with their teams, they were able to explore concepts and reinforce their new ideas to take them from good to great.
Companies like Qantas that position themselves within the marketplace as the leader in customer service will weather the economic downturn well and emerge as the industry leader as the Global Economy straightens back out after this shift. Once companies move into a leadership position it can be very difficult for trailers to catch up.

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