Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frontline Management

We are so excited! We have won the Best Frontline Management program award from LEARNX and Training Australia magazine. The award is for the frontline management program that we developed for Toll.
The reasons for receiving the award are:
  • An innovative approach to delivery. We made sure that we used a blended learning process including mainly face to face delivery as well as DVD input.
  • The program is specifically tailored to the transport environment and this ensures complete engagement from the participants
  • Yes - there is theory but the emphasis is on practical examples and scenarios which ensure that the level of confidence of participants increases
  • The portfolio of evidence is user-friendly and this also increases the percentage of completions on the frontline management program
  • The facilitators are familiar with the Toll 'story' and relate their insights to what happens in practice
  • A varied and exciting content also keeps the learners engaged - there are guest speakers from within the business; there are external videos; the groups build LEGO models and there are debates, role-plays, quizes and theoretical input.

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