Monday, February 25, 2008


We continue to have the most amazing interest in the methodology behind LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Our sessions are sell-outs and the level of input from attendees is astounding. We are learning so much about a range of different organisations and what their current challenges are.
There is definitely a common thread that is noticeable - that organisations and teams are dealing with substantial changes in their structure and in their vision. Groups have been sharing insight into these changes and how managers and their teams are struggling to cope with the enormity of the changes and the substantial challenges that these changes have generated.
Through using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY process, the groups have shared stories about feelings that the group is experiencing and the disarray that they sense around them. Some groups have seen the positive side but others simply feel that they are overwhelmed.
This is really where LEGO SERIOUS PLAY comes into its own. The process allows the participants to tell their stories and work through issues in a non-threatening way. This serves as the opening of the pressure valve and creates non-pressurised time to express feelings and allow others an insight into the mood of the team.
These are some of the models built in the breakfast sessions that became metaphors for challenges and for the experiences of team members.

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