Monday, March 12, 2007

Contact Centre Training

Yesterday we were at a planning session for the introduction of a Certificate 4 in Customer Contact into a call centre for a major logistics organisation.We developed an interesting way of implementing the qualification that will allow employees who are eligible for government funding as well as those who are not eligible, to participate in the program and to derive full benefits.The process for the roll-out of the program will include:An induction session - this will include information about the program and the what's in it for me factor.The Apprenticeship Centre will sign up those candidates who are eligible for state and/or federal funding.MCI will run a series of focus groups - the aim of these sessions is to uncover what the main pain points are; where the training should be directed and what key areas need addressing. We will also be gathering information about case studies and incidents that have occurred and that could have been dealt with more effectively.A training schedule is being established and here is where the difference lies. MCI charges the organisation per day of training and not per employee. This allows the non-eligible trainees to participate as the overall funding will cover the daily training rate and will be sufficient to incorporate all the needs of the business.Training and one on one assessment will get underway and we will keep you informed on progress.
Posted by Denise Meyerson at 12:54 AM

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